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Pros And Cons Of Buying Addresses To Find Your Mail Order Bride

"I found my wife after ordering her address. You could say it cost me only a few bucks to find her."

Buying addresses from mail order brides, followed by correspondence, is the most common method of finding your mail order bride. It is effective and easy.

A few pros:

  • Experiences from dating services prove that this is one of the most successful methods.
  • You decide which woman to contact. It’s obvious you will choose the ones you find attractive.
  • Correspondence is a very good way of getting to know a woman before meeting and marriage.
  • You can make it just as expensive as you want.

A few cons:

  • Some websites sell out-dated email addresses. Pick a reliable agency!
  • Response might be low - or slow. Attractive women get a lot of letters, and you will only know if she likes you when you get a reply.
  • Photos can be misleading. Women might not be as beautiful in real life as their pictures promise.